Purpose of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Local Initiatives Support Corporation was founded on 23rd May 1980, with a vision of helping the local groups in re-establishing a sustainable community. The main purpose of local Initiatives Support Corporation was to create a strong network of organizations that could collaboratively provide resources to create a sustainable community.

Distressed neighborhoods needed to find a way to re-energize themselves and find a way to stand back. Local Initiatives Support Corporation works closely with different local groups to help them establish community development programs. These programs could be related to creation of industrial facilities, commercial facilities or residential facilities. It could involve educational facilities or job opportunities too. The objective behind designing and implementing various community development programs is to create equal opportunities across the urban and rural areas. Local Initiatives Support Corporation works closely with different community support groups. It provides aid in form of grants, loans along with national and state-level support.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation ensures that they support healthy environment by providing unbiased access to quality education, by creating job opportunities, stimulating economic development and spreading the investment in real estate and housing. The overall result of the coordinated efforts of the LISC volunteers has helped over 800 different community programs.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation is not just associated with providing grants and facilities, it also promotes communal harmony. It encourages people of diverse backgrounds to live happily in the same community. People from diverse backgrounds take decisions and play active leadership roles.

The results of the mission on which Local Initiatives Support Corporation has embarked have been phenomenal, leading to other organizations also taking up the mission of this corporation as their own. They have created almost 44 million square feet of retail and community space which has been utilized for designing a peaceful, safe and affordable living area.


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